Caring for your Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are micro creatures having a tendency to grow rapidly after taking birth. Newborn piggies can be fit into a large tea cup and that’s the reason for referring to them as Teacup Pigs. Teacup is not the name of any breed, but micro sized pigs are called so because they are tiny in size than those hefty farm pigs weighing 1000 pounds. You have to purchase your pet from a trusted breeder to make sure that your choice is right. The piglet can become really large if you do not know about their source.

When the weather is hot, pigs love to play around in water. You need to keep them hydrated with proper water intake to avoid dehydration or urinary infections (esp. in males). Pigs require playing with water in an open space. If you have a backyard area at home, these pigs can relish in playing with water. If you have a children’s playing pool, it would be sufficient for your pigs to roll around.

The pet should be fed with special pig diet and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you don’t over feed your pet or give them too much sugar as it can make them obese. Your teacup pig will be very comfortable in the house with their own bedding. These are curious and active creatures and you need to define a place for them to play and roam about. The pet will require some outdoor activities and you can get them to your home if there is a backyard available.

You can expect your pig to learn the activities very soon. They will learn the training modules soon and don’t remain unclean. You need to show them the right place to litter and they will understand it and begin following it very soon.

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